Amazon Jungle Night Walks, Peru

Jungle night walks are a fascinating and exciting way to experience the Amazon rainforest. Night-time is in fact the best time of the day to see many of the species that inhabit the jungle because much of the wildlife that lives in the forests is only active after dark.

Walks in the Tambopata National Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon are led by specialist guides who with their trained eyes will show you some of the thousands of species that bring the forest alive after the sun sets.

You will see bizarre insects such as those that look like leaves and colonies of leafcutter ants, beautifully coloured frogs, perhaps, and always from a safe distance, a timid snake. You might even see monkeys, caimans (Amazonian crocodiles) or even a Tapir.

Some guides are also knowledgeable about astronomy and will show you some of the constellations.

At least one night-walk is a standard part of most packages offered by accommodations or included in tours in Tambopata.

Useful tips for night treks

Look out for little “lights” in the trees and bushes – they could be eyes and a great opportunity to discover a jungle creature! Keep your ears tuned too for anything moving in the trees.

Always check where you are stepping and avoid touching trees or branches in case there is something that could sting you. Don’t touch hairy caterpillars or brightly coloured species, including ants, for the same reason.

Always stay close to the rest of the group so you don’t miss seeing anything! Also check if your guide is providing torches for every person in the group or bring your own.

Do not use flash on your camera as this could disturb the wildlife. Guides normally have a strong torch to lighten the area for a few seconds while you take your photos.