Tree Top Walks

Much of the activity in the Amazon rainforest occurs close to the treetops, or at the “canopy” level, as it is known. Tree top walks give visitors an extraordinary window onto this hidden world.

This is the natural habitat for lots of tropical animals and birds due to the abundance of leaves, flowers and fruits that can be found at this level. Another reason is that the branches at the uppermost level of the rainforest usually cannot support as much weight so lighter animals can nest here in relative safety from heavier predators.

Canopy walkway systems are hanging networks of bridges, towers and platforms high up in the trees, normally at 25 m or more. They allow visitors to walk among the treetops and enjoy unrivalled views of the landscape below while having the opportunity to see the animals and birds that reside at those heights.

Tree top walks and canopy towers in Tambopata

In the Tambopata National Reserve in southeastern Peru, there are several canopy walkway systems and towers that are used by visitors and scientists alike to observe the incredible diversity in wildlife found here:

Taricaya Canopy Walkway

Within the Taricaya Ecological Reserve, there is a canopy walkway that consists of a 90 m suspension bridge that joins two platforms. The main observation platform is considered by many to be the highest canopy platform in South America, at 42 m (138 ft.) high. Visitors use safety harnesses to cross the bridge.

Some lodges take groups here, including Amazon Planet or you can contact the Taricaya Project itself.

Inkaterra Canopy Walkway

The Inkaterra Canopy Walkway is a 344 m (1,135 ft.) long network of seven hanging bridges, eight treetop platforms and two observation towers. The highest points of the circuit are 29 m (95 ft.) high. Complete with interpretation centre.

All visitors welcome with an entrance fee or included with stays at Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica. Suitable for children.

Refugio Amazonas Canopy Tower

A 25 m (82 ft.) high canopy tower on the premises of the Refugio Amazonas Lodge. As well as great for spotting wildlife, it looks onto the crowns of huge Brazil nut trees. Suitable for children.

Posada Amazonas Canopy Tower

A 42m (138 ft.) structure with three levels at the Posada Amazonas Lodge, each giving a distinct perspective of the rainforest. Suitable for children.

Tambopata Research Center Canopy Walkway

300 metres of elevated walkways and a Canopy Tower to observe wildlife at the Tambopata Research Center Lodge.