Fishing has always been a fundamental part of everyday life in the Amazon jungle and can be an interesting and relaxing activity in which to take part as a visitor, even if you are a total beginner!

The Tambopata National Reserve in south-eastern Peru is an attractive place to fish at its beautiful rivers, oxbow lakes, such as Valencia Lake, and creeks, which are habitats for hundreds of species of fish, including many kinds of piranhas, catfish, sardines, payara, pacu and the arapaima, the largest freshwater fish in South America.

Guides show visitors the different traditional fishing techniques used by local people to catch fish and are knowledgeable about the species. Visitors either catch and release or they can have their catch cooked at their accommodation for their next meal.

If you have your own equipment, you can bring it along or your accommodation will provide it.

Accommodations that offer fishing as an activity

Many accommodations offer fishing as a guided activity and especially the rainforest lodges, since they are typically located by rivers. Some of the lodges featured on this website that do are Wasai Tambopata Lodge, Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica, Sotupa Eco House, Monte Amazonico Lodge and Amazon Planet Tambopata Lodge.