Caiman Search

A popular activity in the Tambopata National Reserve, in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, is caiman searches, which are specifically about looking for caimans, which are the alligator species present in Central and South America.

Since caimans are typically more active at night-time, this activity is done after dark. Participants are paddled along rivers or lakes in a canoe with torches to try to find them.

Caiman species in the Tambopata National Reserve

Four of the six species of caiman that exist can be found in the Tambopata area.

Two of them are very common and seen by most visitors, the Black Caiman and Spectacled Caiman, but Dwarf Caimans and Smooth-Fronted Caiman although present are always very elusive creatures.

Caiman searches, or Caimaneadas, as the locals say, are often included with your accommodation or in tours in Tambopata. If not, it will almost certainly be offered as an add-on.