Monkey Island

The Rolin Island Fauna Rescue Center, often referred to as the Monkey Island, is a conservation project managed by the not-for-profit organisation Inkaterra Association.

The island provides a place to rescue and protect wildlife confiscated from urban areas in Peru. The objective of the project is to reintroduce them back into their natural habitat and allow them to learn how to survive for themselves in the rainforest.

Upon arrival to the island, the monkeys are given a medical evaluation and once they have recovered from any health issues, they are moved to a rehabilitation area. When the specimens are considered ready, they are released in different areas of the island, where the troops are permanently monitored.

The island is located on the Madre de Dios River, one and a half hours by boat from Puerto Maldonado.

Important note:
As in any area of the rainforest, please do not feed the monkeys. They are on the island to learn to adapt to their natural habitat and survive for themselves.

Monkey species

The rescue work is currently focussed on four species of monkeys: the Brown Capuchin, White-fronted Capuchin, Squirrel Monkey and the Saddle-Backed Tamarin, as well as other animals such as sloths and reptiles.

Visiting the Monkey Island

If you are interested in visiting the Monkey Island, various lodges take their guests there, including Monte Amazónico Lodge.