Sandoval Lake Lodge

Sandoval Lake Lodge is a comfortable lodge on the beautiful Sandoval Lake, within the Tambopata National Reserve, part of the Amazon, in Southeastern Peru. The lake is an excellent place to view wildlife and especially Giant River Otters since a family of them lives on it. The lodge is set on top of a high bank overlooking the lake.

Guests stay in one of the single, double or triple occupancy rooms. All rooms come with private bathrooms with hot showers, ceiling fans, electric lighting, mosquito nets around the beds, screened windows, safety deposit boxes and electricity outlets that work three times a day.

Bookings include breakfast and transfers to and from the airport.

Bear in mind that while the lodge is close to Puerto Maldonado, the trip there includes a 5 km (3 mile) walk from the Madre de Dios River, which can get muddy. Guests are provided with boots and you can ask for a rickshaw service for your luggage or for those with walking difficulties, to be taken aboard one.

Sandoval Lake Lodge is owned by a local non-profit conservation organisation, in partnership with the families that live in the area.

Facilities and Activities at Sandoval Lake Lodge


  • Breakfast included with bookings
  • The main area of the lodge contains a reading room, lounge area, bar and a spacious restaurant area with panoramic views of the lake
  • Transfer service included to and from Puerto Maldonado airport
  • Electricity three times a day
  • Lamps and candles provide light at other times
  • Hot water showers
  • Bar
  • Vegetarian and special diet menus on request
  • 24-hour reception
  • No Internet access
  • No parking

Room facilities

  • All rooms come with private bathrooms
  • Rooms are private but not soundproof – walls do not extend to the roof
  • All bedrooms equipped with overhead fans, electricity outlets (they work in the mornings and evenings), mosquito nets and screening, bedside tables and other furniture
  • Hammock area in the main area of the lodge

Outdoor facilities

  • Seating areas around the lake
  • Jungle trails
  • 200m from an observation tower

Activities that you can book at the lodge

  • Guided tours around Sandoval lake
  • Jungle excursions